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SMSL M500 DAC Headphone AMP MQA ES9038PRO ES9311 XMOS XU-216 32bit 768kHz DSD512 Hi-Res Audio DAC Headphone Amplifier
☆Supports MQA decoding;
☆Using the high-end ES9038PRO D/A chip of ESS ;
☆USB uses XMOS XU-216, true 32bit USB solution, supports DoP and native DSD PCM up to 768kHz, support to DSD512;
☆All input ports support DSD transmission, coaxial, fiber support DoP64;
☆ discrete components high power and large current drive amp circuit to provide greater headphone thrust;
☆Use tempered glass display panel for higher light transmittance and longer service life;
☆ Built-in shielded, low noise power supply processing while improving power efficiency and lower power consumption;