Flagship Audio DAC

Used 2 piece of DAC chips ES9038PRO, one -piece split power supply

D1's clock system consists of 3 ultra-low phase noise active crystal oscillator and CPLD logic system! CPLD uses the high-speed CPLD-EPM240T100C5N manufactured by ALTERA, an American chip company under the umbrella of Intel Corporation. Its logic speed reaches 300MHz, together with excellent clock algorithms, the JTTER of the entire clock system is as low as 5ps!

The USB program of D1 is our new second generation XMOS program, and with the above clock system and asynchronous transmission, JITTER is extremely low! Supports PCM32-bit 768KHz and DSD64-DSD512!

D1's regulated power supply circuit is specially designed by us. The use of transistors constitutes a constant current source, which has a more stable temperature characteristic than a constant current source constructed using a conventional JFET!

The ultra-low noise toroidal transformer ordered directly by NORATEL UK Co., Ltd. Its noise is 1/3 of an ordinary domestic transformer, however the efficiency is 1.3 times of a domestic transformer. At the same time, it uses a potting technology to make it less vibration, fixed better, longer life!

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