M300 MKⅡ
Bluetooth Audio DAC

New series ID design, with glass panel, stylish and long life.

AKM's flagship audio DAC AK4497, Ultra-high SNR, ultra-low distortion, support DSD.

The 2nd XMOS solution, PCM supports up to 32bit/768kHz, and DSD supports up to DSD512, custom driver for Native DSD .

Two ultra-low phase noise crystal for 44.1/48kHz multiple frequencies.

Built-in high-efficiency power module and lots of low-noise LDOs provide pure power for analog circuit .

Lots of audio grade components, include MELF resistors, NP0 capacitor, Gold-plated jacks.

Use a 1.54-inch high-resolution full-view color IPS display, and the user can choose the color of fonts.

True balanced output and high-quality XLR connector.

6 digital filters for different music listening.

Full aluminum CNC milling chassis.

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