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On the 10th anniversary of S.M.S.L , we plan a blueprint for future development. The upcoming Tabebuia, the first

S.M.S.L passive speaker, is the first step in our blueprint.

The following is a picture of the speaker, please continue to pay attention to our social media for more information

about the speaker.

"I am very pleased that we can participate have the project with S.M.S.L. We provided a newly-developed driver and all  are tailor-made for S.M.S.L to achieve the best performance. 

It is the first project of “Powered by Wavecor”. It is also a special program to celebrate the 10th anniversary of S.M.S.L. We hope that this collaboration will be a milestone of S.M.S.L. It can drive them to a higher level.  With my past experience in acoustic field from DST, Vifa, Peerless, Scanspeak and Wavecor now, I hope the new owner of this S.M.S.L speaker can re-define the matter of sound.

As SMSL say, it is called "sound from amenity forest", the sound of nature, purity and simplicity.

Allan Isaksen

Chairman of Wavecor

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