SMSL speaker Tabebuia. Can SMSL make good speakers?
Release Date:2021-01-03 Views:412

I started this channel with the dream of making millions and a few online friends. Although I have yet to make my first million, I am proud to have created an active online audiophile community. Unlike other traditional review channels, I designed this channel to give you the feeling of having a chat with an old friend. I am fortunate to have made many audiophile friends on my audio journey and with combined decades of experience, I am able to give you a unique perspective on the gear I reviewed.

Gear used in this review

BC Acoustique EX214 Integrated amp 

Yamaha WXA50 Integrated amp 

Audio refinement Integrated amp 

SMSL SA300 Integrated amp 

PMC DB1 Gold Speakers 

SMSL Tabebuia Speakers

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