SMSL VMV D2 DAC Review – Class Leading D/S DAC
Release Date:2022-01-07 Views:404

My written review can be found here:

Get the SMSL VMV D2 from here:

Get the SMSL VMV D1SE from here:

Video Timestamps:

00:00 - Intro

00:33 - Short Description

01:34 - Design & Build Quality

02:29 - Controls

02:55 - Tech Inside it

04:03 - Sound Signature

08:38 - D2 in a stereo setup

10:28 - Detail Retrieval

12:01 - Transient Response

13:41 - Soundstage

15:19 - Noise Floor

16:09 - Bass

17:03 - Midrange

17:52 - Treble

18:53 - Comparison with VMV D1se

19:09 - My Conclusion

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