We are at High End Munich 2023
Release Date:2023-05-19 Views:2203

SMSL has teamed up with a series of audio brands from China to participate in HIGH END MUNICH 2023 in Germany.

We've brought a range of products to this exhibition, including hot-selling items and upcoming releases.

SMSL is committed to producing products that people all over the world will love.

The following picture showcases the already-launched D300 and its matching headphone amplifier H300, which will be released after a certain period of time. Stay tuned!

M500 and SU-series

SMSL's first MQA CD player, "PL200", uses the AK4499EX chip and features 2 clock sources with low phase noise and high accuracy. It is a new Hi-End CD solution.

VMV D2R and VMV P2 are our new high-end decoder and headphone amplifier under the VMV brand. They will be very competitive new products this year.

Product family photo

Our booth is at

H1 D14, New International Exnihition Center

Munich,Germany May 18th-21st