The Ultimate Sound Spectacle: HiFi-Express’s November Blowout Sale!
Release Date:2023-11-02 Views:1009

As the leaves turn and the air chills, HiFi-Express is gearing up for an extraordinary shopping extravaganza that is set to echo throughout the audiophile community. This isn't just any promotion; it's a symphony of savings for the discerning ear!

Countdown to Savings Begins: November 11, 2023. Are you ready?

Kicking off at 12:00 AM (EST) on November 11, 2023, until 11:59 PM (EST) on November 29, 2023, HiFi Express will be hitting all the right notes with an irresistible 15% off across our entire site. This is a golden opportunity to acquire high-fidelity equipment that brings harmony to your home without the crescendo of high prices.

Whether you’re seeking soul-stirring clarity for your music collection or looking to elevate your home cinema with immersive sound, our November promotion is your ticket to acoustic excellence. Our lineup includes everything from vintage turntables to cutting-edge wireless speakers, from precision-engineered headphones to professional-grade sound systems, all resonating with our commitment to unparalleled sound quality.

Load Up Your Cart, Let the Music Play Through Every Moment!

Get ready to claim the gear you've been dreaming of, add it to your cart, and revel in unprecedented savings. This November, it's not just about Black Friday—the HiFi-Express sale is your unmissable shopping spree for sound equipment.

Special Offer: SMSL PL200 MQA-CD Player - Unleash Sonic Brilliance!

Unlock unparalleled acoustic clarity with the SMSL PL200, featuring the elite AK4499EX DAC chip and a near-imperceptible distortion rate of 0.00006%. Originally $669, now just  $568.65  with our 15% discount—experience high-res audio like never before!


AK4499EX DAC chipUSB support up to 32-bit/768 kHzDSD512 decodingFull MQA decoding

Enjoy pristine headphone sound with patented PLFC amplification, balanced XLR output, and state-of-the-art Bluetooth functionality.

Admire its elegant design with a tempered glass IPS display and user-friendly interface, all powered by advanced low-noise regulated power supply technology.

Take Your Sound to New Heights - The SMSL VMV D2R High-Res DAC

Transform your auditory landscape with the SMSL VMV D2R, now just $849.15 down from $999 with our special promotion. This high-resolution DAC, powered by the revolutionary ROHM BD34301EKV chip, is your ticket to audio nirvana.

Key Features:

MQA Full Decoding: Dive into the studio-quality sound that artists intended.ROHM's Flagship Chip: The BD34301EKV stands at the pinnacle of sound innovation for clarity that has to be heard to be believed.Precision Clock Processing: With CK-03 technology, experience sound that stays true to the original recording.Sturdy Power Supply System: Designed for consistent, pure audio performance.Noise Reduction Mastery: Enjoy your music without interference, the way it's meant to be.Gold-Plated Connections: Ensure premium signal transmission for a truly luxurious audio experience.

Unlock Exceptional Power and Clarity - The SMSL AL200 Integrated Amplifier

Elevate your audio experience with the SMSL AL200 Integrated Amplifier, now for only $220.99—a steal from the original price of $259.99! Immerse yourself in the rich, precise sound enabled by the cutting-edge German Infineon digital amplifier chip, which promises high quality with efficiency and minimal energy consumption.

Highlights of the AL200:

Powerful Performance: With a robust 165W*2 output, fill your space with pure, dynamic sound.

Advanced Audio Tech: Equipped with MA5332MS MQA-CD and DSD256 XU316 technologies for high-fidelity playback.

Precision Volume Control: Japan's JRC NJW1194 chip ensures accurate volume adjustment and ultra-low distortion.

MQA and High-Res Support: Delve into full MQA decoding and high-resolution audio.

Next-Level Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 for stable, extended-range transmission and superior audio quality.

Quality Construction: An all-aluminum alloy CNC precision-processed shell with anodization for a sleek finish and a premium feel.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly with a humanized operating system and a comprehensive remote control.

Audiophile Grade Components: Selected for their enhancement of the subjective listening experience.

Gold-Plated Terminals: Ensuring high-quality connections for both input and output.

Reliable Protection Circuits: Overheating and overcurrent safeguards to ensure longevity.

Dedicated Power Supply: A built-in specialized switching power supply for high-power audio.