Fully balanced AMP

Every detail is a High-End design;

Fully balanced design, built-in 4 channels amplifiers, for its ultra-low crosstalk level;

TI's high-end electronic volume control system, avoiding pot's noise and keep the same volume level for left and right all the time;

New discrete component output stage circuit has extremely low distortion and the current is 5 times larger than the previous amp;

Preamplifier and power amplifier are independently powered, avoiding the crosstalk between low and high current parts;

A lot of audio grade components ensure it's high quality;

Stylish aluminum uni-body, separated power, and isolation vibration disturbance for the audio circuit;

NORATEL customized low-noise power transformer;

All-aluminum special remote control, support all functions;

Japan Audio Association (JAS) Hi-Res certification.

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