Bluetooth digital amplifier

♫ HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Dual OP AMP chip NE5532P+ PHILPS BC coupling capacitor. Replaceable 6J1 Vacuum Tube.Treble Bass adjustment.

♫ SOPHISICATED DESIGN: TUBE 6K4 amp is constructed from top of the line, scratch resistant CNC aluminum. The matte process is more textured.

♫ LOW GROUND NOISE: There's no buzzing or ringing when you use our amp! We feature a high-grade microprocessor that controls the relay while its being switched on and off, achieving a low-ground noise power circuit.

♫ HIGH DRIVE CURRENT: Our specially designed power output boasts a larger than average drive current.

♫ PORTABLE DESIGN :Its mini size makes it more portable and be suited for a variety of scenarios and its alluminum body makes it strong and elegant.

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