M500 MKⅢ

The top performance D/A chip ES9038PRO from ESS Technology;

The high-performance power supply chip ES9311, the noise of ES9311 is as low as 1uVrms;

The 3rd ES9038PRO circuit design has a surprisingly low distortion of 0.00006% and is more stable;

The new PLFC headphone amplifier circuit enables the headphone to obtain more than 2W output power and less than 0.0001% distortion under 16 Ω load!

The new self-developed CK-03 clock processing circuit greatly reduces clock jitter;

XMOS XU-316, true 32bit audio processing, supports DoP and Native DSD, and reaches 32bit/768kHz and DSD512;

USB, optical, coaxial support DSD , coaxial and optical support DOP64;

Qualcomm's latest Bluetooth chip supports LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC;

Specially designed discrete component linear regulated power supply and multiple low noise regulated power supplies to provide low noise power for analog circuits.

Use tempered glass display panel for higher light transmission and longer service life;

Built-in shielded, low noise power supply processing, while improving power efficiency,lower power consumption;

High quality gold-plated input and output jacks;

9 high-end dual op-amps OPA1612 and a lot of audio grade components are used;

1.9 inch TFT LCD display;

JAS Hi-Res certification;

Equipped with remote control and full-function remote control.

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