Stereo amplifier

New digital high-power amplifier chip MA5332 from Infineon, Germany, higher quality with high efficiency and low power consumption;

Using NJRC's electronic volume control chip NJW1194 from Japan, precise volume control and low distortion;

The balanced design, from input to speaker output, greatly reducing distortion caused by signal transmission;

Built-in SMSL SDB patented sound and treble/bass adjustment for easy matching of a variety of speakers and music;

Subwoofer pre out for 2.1 system application.

New Bluetooth 5.0 reception, better sound quality, longer transmission distance!

All aluminum alloy CNC precision processing shell, anodizing technology and chamfering process, exquisite workmanship and delicate touch;

Color LCD display and user-friendly operating system are simple and easy to understand, equipped with full-featured remote control function;

Low power standby function to meet the latest European ErP2 standard;

A large number of professional Hi-Fi audio components are used to enhancethe sound experience;

High quality gold-plated input and output terminals;

Perfect protection circuit for overheating, overcurrent, etc.

Built-in high quality power supply, specially designed for audio!

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