2023 Flagship Headphone AMP

Fully balanced design, 4 ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuit (PLFC)!

The distortion is as low as 0.00006%, and the SNR is as low as 133dB!

A total of 99 low-noise op-amps are used in a parallel design.

High output power, 16 ohm output power up to 12W, 32 ohms up to 6W;

The specially designed volume potentiometer greatly reduces channel deviation;

3 gears gain control, low gain is specially optimized for IEM;

Pre-out function, can be used as Hi-End pre-amp;

Classic retro toggle switch operation;

Ultra-compact design, very suitable for desktop headphone system;

High-precision low-temperature drift resistance, performance is not affected by temperature;

High-quality relay and non-impact sound design;

20Hz to 100KHz(-0.5dB) frequency response;

The headphone amplifier has comprehensive protections such as DC, overvoltage, and overload protection;

Built-in high-efficiency and low-noise power system.

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