Legacy Models
Full Balanced Headphones Amplifier Input: RCA/XLR THD+N: 0.002% SNR: 104dB Headphones ampliÞer output power:(@THD=0.1%) Balanced: 32½ 660mW 300½ 170mW Unbalanced: 32½ 275mW 300½ 48m
Full Balanced Headphones Amplifier Input jack: RCA/XLR Output jack: four core XLR jack 6.35mm headphone jack and 2.5mm four pole balanced headphone jack Power supply: 5V Power consumption: 7.2W
The whole set with balanced XLR and RCA input whole increase the equipment play Op-amp Plus Stereo triode maintained the characteristics of chip amplifier low distortion and high signal to noise ratio also include soft Class A sounds High precision low drift resistance High-performance ultra-low ripple design of special switch audio power supply TOCOS potentiometer is outstanding audio material durable and easy to use.
For a standard, budget amplifier, the SMSL SAP-7 features a high performing battery and a portable design meant to handle high-quality sound. Built with a power switch, an EQ switch that doubles as hold (key lock function), digital volume control, and three different EQ settings. The SAP-7 provides a dark background and cleaner sound edges. The low profile design features an aluminum CNC housing, complete with an easy to control LED indicator.
sAp VI is specially designed for a computer , DVD, HD Player, and MP3, etc, which can not develop headphone amp function due to their small output power. shell using the aluminum material, CNC high precision machining, drawing oxidation treatment. Standard 3.5 mm input/output interface
2 way switch input circuit (3.5 earphone seat and the RCA block),Replacement of the input signal is no longer need to pull line, just select the switch panel. high precision power divider circuit. Guarantee the stability of the circuit and reduce the DC drift output. high input and output connection seat to ensure the signal channel is smooth and durable. audio channel all use the United States Army Regulation DALE have a fever resistance Low noise, sound quality is good. Disadvantage: price is 20-100 times that of ordinary certified power distribution Corrugated low, radiation small, durable. 6.35mm earphone output jack Additional 6.35 to 3.5 conversion base, apply to the use of HI FI headphones
SMSL VA2 is a distinguished high performance portable headphone amplifier with a light cabinet. Only need a power supply to drive and work it. VMV headphone amplifier circuit built in. Design follow with HK audiophile.
SMSL VA1 is a high-end hi-fi headphone amplifier. Portable design and optimized single-end output. All components are strictly selected and made on the principal of better audio, all in all, we pay much effort on it. VA1 also is the first model under VMV Technology(HK) Co., Ltd. User will get comfortable experience by high quality and high cost perfermance of VA1. Two version for selection Dt/K standard version&HD version (specially design for Semheiser features)